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Drywall & Plasterers Digital Marketing

For years Industry Army Marketing has been doing lead generation and SEO for the drywall industry. Growing businesses and getting better leads to build a more profitable Drywall Contractors Business. We Guarantee you will get more leads, and be able to grow your business for less with our drywall marketing program. Its an easy to follow marketing system that lets you pay more attention to your customers and let us show you how we can take care of your marketing for you.

This explainer video on how our system works.

We want to work with the best drywall contractors in one local market. No matter how big or small your contracting company is you can make a trusted name for yourself on social media lead generation platform like
If you’re aiming to build brand awareness you have to keep active with regular postings. This doesn’t mean spending hours online or learning how to do SEO or lead generation. We are here with simple and effective time saving ways to do all your digital marketing correct. This doesn’t mean you have to use all the regular stops and get lost in the box on social media sites like linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. We willl take care of your post and place it on the right places with the best ways to get your landing page pin front of your new clients. We help construction companies & drywall contractors understand simple methods for marketing their businesses online with the most ROI from any other digital marketing company.

Before starting our program, drywall company owners and managers grapple to get a consistent flow of inbound leads that don’t bring in commercial successful projects . Drywall contractors that we work with have said they have become more aware of how a marketing agencies work and how to grow with brand identity within particular market segments. The drywall marketing system builds accountability from your team & will ultimately determine success for your business. Even thou drywall companies essentially do the same work every company has a different strategy. These 3 successful Marketing steps to successful marketing. Identify Your Specific Target Audiences. Set Goals and Objectives for Lead Generation. Define Specific Strategies and Tactics online and offline.

After going through Accelerator, they have a proven, industry-specific system for generating clients on demand and creating predictable revenue in their businesses. In addition, they have a tool to train new staff on how to do marketing as the company grows.

A lead generation Video for your Google My Business(GMB) This is the one focus your business cannot live without. Wether we set it up or you take care of your GMB we want you to use this as a major focus towards growing leads for your drywall company.

Drywall Company Marketing

Try our service for just $10 a month based on a yearly plan. What we need from you is to do a post every month, or more, remember life is like a sandwich the more you put in it the better it gets. We can add as many posts to your marketing and lead generation program for just $5 more for each post. We post you on industry specific construction sites to guarantee the best results for each of your efforts. We want to work with you as it is a win win for both of us and all the other drywall contractors marketing efforts.